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Robinsons – Trooper 4.7%

Robinsons – Trooper
Bottle cap design

This is promoted as a ‘premium British beer’. It is a dark golden ale, with a malty aroma. It has bitter hop and sweet malt taste with a bitter hop follow on.

This ale is names after the Iron Maiden song about the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava during the Crimean War. The Iron Maiden lead singer worked with the brewery to produce this ale.

It is brewed with Bobek, Holdings and Cascade hops.

Robinsons Brewery Stockport, Cheshire.

Treacle Treat Dark Ale

Wadworth – Treacle Treat Dark Ale 4.2%

Wadworth – Treacle Treat Dark Ale

This is a dark chestnut coloured ale, with a malty aroma and a fruity note. It has a taste of dark roasted malts and chocolate bitter finish.

Described as an Autumn ale, it has the bitter sweet taste notes of black molasses, suited to the cooler months but without the warming strength of a Winter ale. Brewed with Target hops and Crystal, Brown and black malts, and black treacle, for the deep flavour

Wadworth Brewery, Devises

The Cranborne Poacher

Hall and Woodhouse – The Cranborne Poacher 5.7%

Hall & Woodhouse – The Cranborne Poacher

This is a chestnut coloured ale with a sweet plum aroma. It has a bitter hop start with an overwhelming plum bubblegum taste, with a hop bitter finish. Described as a bold, fruity, ruby ale, it’s fruity taste is disconcerting and can only be described as probably “an acquired taste”. This is an ale that would probably appeal to the craft ale drinkers but not one if you’re looking for a more traditional ale taste.

Dr. Thirsty’s No.4 Blonde

Wychwood Brewery – Dr. Thirsty’s No.4 Blonde

Wychwood Brewery – Dr. Thirsty’s No 4 Blonde

This is a golden ale from Wychwood Brewery. It has a light, lemony aroma with a hint of vanilla cream toffee. The taste is light with a light hop bitterness, with light malt notes. It avoids the citrus taste of many pale IPA/APA beers.

This is a light summer pale ale, with surprising aroma and taste. A good alternative to a lager.

Watchword Brewery, Witney

Bishops Finger

Shepherd Neame – Bishops Finger 5.4%

Shepherd Neame – Bishops Finger

This is a chestnut coloured ale, with a plum and prune rich fruit aroma. The taste is of strong malt sweetness and hop dry bitterness, with a following bitter aftertaste.

Bishops Finger is names after an ancient signpost on the Pilgrims’ Way, pointing to Thomas a’Becket’s shrine at Canterbury Cathedral.

A Kentish Strong Ale from the famous Kent Brewer.

Shepherd Neame, Faversham

Spitfire Amber Kentish Ale

Shepherd Neame – Spitfire Kentish Ale 4.5%

Shepherd Neame – Spitfire

The ale is an amber light chestnut colour, with a good malty ale aroma, with toffee notes. It has rounded malty taste, with a light hop bitterness.

This is a good English Bitter Ale from this famous Kent brewer based in Faversham, which claims to be Britain’s oldest brewer.

Spitfire commemorates the famous WW2 plane that was used in the Battle of Britain, fought over Kent and the home counties.

Shepherd Neame, Faversham


Adnams – Broadside 6.3%

Adnams – Broadside

This is a strong ale from the Suffolk Brewer, Adnams famously based in Southwold.

It is a dark red chestnut coloured ale, with a rich malt, caramel aroma, with a hint of vanilla. It has a rich malt taste, with a strong liquorice follow-on, with black molasses note, reminiscent of a dark barley wine.

This ale commemorates the sea battle of Solebay, near Southwold, fought between the English and Dutch in 1672.

Adnams Southwold

Otter Head

Otter Brewery – Otter Head 5.8%

Otter Brewery – Otter Head

Dark chestnut colour, with rich malt aroma. It has a rich malt flavour with light bitter notes. As the flavour develops it becomes strong in liquorice notes.

A good ale from the Devon brewer.