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Hatherwood – Winter Special Ale

Hatherwood – Winter Special Ale 5.0%

This is another ale produced for Lidl. It is a chestnut coloured ale, with a malt and spice aroma. It has a pleasant malt and spice warming taste with a good bitter follow-on.

Brewed and sold under this Lidl own label craft beer brand. Previously, this own label range included a Winter Warmer, previously reviewed, which this ale seems to have replaced in their winter range.

Pelforth – Brune

Pelforth – Brune 6.5%

Pelforth Brown

This is a very dark chestnut colour, with strong rich malt aroma. It has a malty barley wine taste, with spicey Christmas notes.

This is my favourite ale in France, well Normandy, available throughout France. Although the Pelican Brewery has benn part of Heineken since 1988, this remains a good ale if you like darker, stronger malt beers.