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Crabbies – Spiced Orange Ginger Beer

Crabbies – alcoholic Spiced Ginger Beer

Spiced Orange Ginger Beer

Produced by this Scottish commercial, ginger based, alcoholic drinks company. This is a seasonal variation on their normal alcoholic, ginger based beer. It is a sweet golden beer with pleasant spiced ginger, cinnamon and orange-zest aromas. The taste has cinnamon and orange notes of Christmas pudding with a good ginger bite.
If your into alcoholic ginger beers this is a good seasonal version for winter and particularly Christmas.

Caledonian Brewery – Great Scot

Caledonian Brewery – Great Scot 4.4%

This is an Amber ale with a good description. A good traditional ale aroma with spicy aromatic, almost bubble gum notes. The aroma is reminiscent of pubs in the past.

Caledonian Brewery – Great Scot

This has a ‘winey’ taste with hop and sweet notes in a good malt base. This ale is a new brew for 2015 Burns Night. Brewed in Edingburgh by the 140 year old Caledonian Brewery commemorating the great Scotish poet.Robert Burns

As a.child I remember passing the High Street pubs on a warm summer day, when the pub doors were open and you could see the bar with those strange posts (beer engines) on the bar and that distinctive, even then, pleasing aroma. This ale has that reminiscent aroma that conjures up that memory.

Eden Project Beer Tasting


Eden Project – Beer Tasting

This is a bit of an historic posting from October. We made a visit to the Eden Project, getting there in torrential rain and as a consequence took the driest route down to the biomes. This meant that although we had noted they were holding a beer festival at the weekend and had some events during the week, we missed the signs on the day. Fortunately, whilst sitting with our pasties having an early lunch, one of the organisers of the Beer event passed through the food outlets announcing the afternoon beer tasting.
So in due time we headed for the marquee and took our seats in the front row.
The beer tasting was introduced and was presented by Sophie Atherton – the UK’s first lady beer sommelier. She is very interesting and individual and clearly likes all things beer and brewing – check out her beer blog
Sophie had chosen 4 beers to taste and the organisers provided a good measure of each to taste and a decent size glass in which to swirl out the aromas. Sophie took us through each beer in turn and had a good try at converting some of the non-beer drinkers in the audience. A great event and interesting to meet Sophie.
The 4 beers from the beer tasting:
Vedett 5.2%- a lager from the brewers of Duvel in Belgium. A hoppy taste with light citrus an some malt notes.
Clouded Yellow 4.8% – St Austell Brewery. A lighter summer wheat beer with light tastes of vanilla and clove.
Fraoch Heather Ale 5.0%- Williams Brothers New Alloa Brewery Kelliebank, Alloa in Scotland. This is a Hop free ale using heather and bog murtle for flavours giving a distinct lightly peaty taste.
Confidence 4.8%- a red ale from the Moor Beer Company in Somerset. An ale with the aromas and tastes of the hedgerow – hints of nettle, geranium and hawthorn.                                                           Edited with BlogPad Pro