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Wheatear North Devon Wheat Beer

Madrigal Brewery – Wheatear North Devon Wheat Beer 4.3%

Madrigal Brewery – Wheatear wheat beer

This is a golden coloured ale, with a sharp passion fruit and mango/geranium aroma. It has a light taste of sharp fruit.

This ale bears no resemblance to a German weissbier. It is a light ale with a fruity aroma but lacking a strong flavour. It is brewed with a hint of coriander seed and ginger but is unlike a Belgian white beer.

Madrigal Brewery – Lynmouth

Burning House

Madrigal Brewery – Burning House

Madrigal Brewery – Burning House

This is a dark chestnut coloured ale, with an initial strong sweet chocolate turning to a strong coffee aroma, smokey note. It has a strong roasted coffee taste with a short bitter taste and Smokey notes.

Trappistes Rochefort 10

Cabbage St-Remy – Trappistes Rochefort 10 11.3%

St Remy – Rochefort 10

This is a dark red coloured ale with an aroma of toffee and plum fruits. This ale has a strong liquorice flavour with an extreme warming after taste reminiscent of a glass of whisky.

This is a Belgian Trappist trippel ale needing to be treated with respect. It should be accompanied by a strong cheese or good charcuterie. I had mine with a cold water buffalo sausage – excellent!

This is an ale that you will know you have drunk!

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