Gold Label Barley Wine

Aheuser Bosch InBev – Gold label 7.5% (Orig. Whitbread Gold Label)

Barley wines were produced by most breweries historically, with Ind Coupe’s – Barley Wine and Whitbread’s darker coloured ale – Final Selection. Gold Label is a lighter coloured barley wine originally launched by Whitbread in the mid 1960s, possibly aimed at the female market. It remains as one of the few barley wines still available; although it has less orangey citrus bitterness in the present day version. It is now produced by the InBev combine, Whitbread having long since exited the brewing business.
Gold label is a dark golden orange coloured ale, with an orange/ yellow head and a malty aroma. It has a malt taste with little of the orange pith bitterness of the original version and lacks the more complex tastes of ales such as the Belgian Trappist beers, or British craft ales of similar strength.

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